Ecuador: Scrumptious South American Cuisine

As a Registered Dietitian and Chef my passion is to create mouthwatering recipes that are simple to prepare and made with wholesome, quality ingredients. Throw a little culture and ethnic cuisine into the pot and the possibilities are endless. Today we are talking Ecuador.
When the topic of South American cuisine comes up most food lovers speak of Brazil, Chile, Argentina or Peru. But what about the small but mighty country of Ecuador in the northwest that packs a flavorful punch? Ecuador has the most biodiversity per square kilometer of any nation and its protection is an explicit national priority. The extraordinary geographic location of Ecuador allows for a variety of flora and fauna to thrive and flourish. Ecuadorian cuisine is diverse and varies with the altitude and associated agricultural conditions. In the highland areas, pork, chicken, beef, and guinea pig (cuy) are popular. On the coast, as with any shoreline region, seafood is the focus with ceviche being one of the favorite dishes. Ecuador is a top producer of bananas, cocoa beans (used to make chocolate), mango, palm and passion fruit, among other products. Growing and producing delicious and superior quality products is a source of national pride for Ecuador.
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