Freezing Fresh Herbs

I love the Fall…cozy sweatshirts, cool breezes, dogs on the beach, beautiful foliage and a small added bonus – kids are back to school 😉  The one thing that I really miss about the summer is walking outside my door to pick fresh herbs!  Mine are hitting their last days so it’s time to harvest them all and get them ready to freeze for the winter.


This is so simple and allows you to enjoy fresh herbs year round without paying $1.99 for 10 oregano leaves!  Here’s how you do it:

1. For BASIL, OREGANO, MINT, CILANTRO, PARSLEY AND SAGE pick ALL of the leaves off and throw away the stems

2. For ROSEMARY, THYME, DILL AND TARRAGON cut the stems at the base and leave stems intact

3. Wash the herbs and dry them as much as possible with paper towels or a salad spinner.

4. Place herbs in even layer on a small tray and place in freezer. This keeps the leaves from clumping together when freezing.

5.  When frozen, remove leaves from stems if needed,  place in a zip top bag, label with a permanent marker and freeze…I keep a drawer in my freezer just for fresh herbs.

NOTE: for CHIVES just cut at the base, chop and freeze.

Try this with some of your BASIL, PARSLEY AND CILANTRO

1. Finely chop you herbs

2. Cover with oil, stir and pour into ice cube trays.  Experiment with different types of oil, for example; olive oil for basil and oregano, sesame oil for mint or peanut oil cilantro, etc)

3. Place in ice cube trays and freeze.

VOILA!! When a recipe calls for your favorite fresh herbs you have them right at your fingertips!