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What others say

When I host high level networking parties for global business executives in New York City the expectancy is that everything is extraordinary.  I place a lot of demands on a Chef because I often host these parties in establishments that do not necessary have kitchens such as art galleries and other unique settings.  I’m also a vegetarian – and yet I’m also a ‘foodie’ and I want the best of everything.  Working with Diane has exceeded my goals. She can cater in any environment and the food ‘wows’ my guests to the point that part of the conversation of the evening becomes the Chef, the food and the presentation. I am in amazement of Diane’s talents; she brings quality and creativity to a whole new level and sets the bar so high that having her involved is a major game changer for any event or party.

Tam St. Armand, CEO

Capstone Insurance Brokerage

I wanted to thank-you for the absolutely delicious and healthy food you catered for my party.  I can’t believe that all my favorites-eggplant, lasagna, chicken- could be prepared to be so scrumptious and yet so much healthier than the traditional full fat recipes.  Everyone raved about the food ad I will be sure to call you for my next event!

Donna Bijou

Touched by an angel and in the kitchen no less. That’s how I would describe the magic of Diane’s culinary skills. My wife decided several months ago to invite a few of her friends over to the house that she hadn’t seen in quite a while. She didn’t quite know what she would prepare for the occasion, so I immediately suggested she contact Diane Henderiks. Diane made the reunion of friends a memorable moment in time..

Bob Gunn
Red Bank Shopper

Red Bank Shopper

Diane’s food is amazing! She uses fresh ingredients and a wide variety of fruits, grains and vegetables that I wouldn’t think to use or know how to prepare. Her meals are a treat to come home to and a wonderful way to end the day!!

Laura Casey
Atlantic Highlands

Atlantic Highlands

I don’t know what we would have done without Diane! We have used her service providing us daily dinners for several years. I work late into the evening and my husband has a long commute. He would come home and have a bowl of cereal. Now we eat delicious and nutritious meals every night! Diane has been a godsend. She makes it so easy for us and her service is very flexible and reasonably priced. We are so lucky that we found Diane and cannot thank her enough for what she does!

Susan Estomin

Advanced Pension Design

I think that Diane Henderiks is not only a terrific and talented chef,but a thoroughly delightful and engaging culinary lecturer who takes learning about healthy cooking a real pleasure. Her seminars are a perennial favorite at the Summit Wine & Food Festival.

Ivan Ruiz, Founder/Executive Director
Summit Wine and Food

Summit Wine and Food

Diane has been a featured chef at many of my events. With Diane you get the coveted trifecta, beauty, entertainment and cooking ability. Diane is one of my top five recommended chefs.

Chris Myers, Show Producer
Philadelphia Food and Wine Festival

Philadelphia Food and Wine Festival

Diane is a genius when it comes to the kitchen! She’ll show you ways to prepare meals from ingredients you already have that will delight your guests and make your entertaining more memorable. Her classes are not only informational but they’re lots of fun and you will also have a great opportunity to meet other food-loving friends!

Alyson Sousa
Zumba by Alyson

Zumba by Alyson

I have watched Diane’s business grow amazingly over the past 5 years. We first met at the retail location I was working when she provied healthier dessert choices for our holiday wine pairing. This year, I finally attended one of her classes and was I ever impressed! Diane’s presentation skills are fun, entertaining, informative and most importantly relevant to today’s busy lifestyles. Not only did we get to taste and eat what she was making, she provided plenty of takeaway recipes and information for future reference.

I was extremely impressed with Diane Henderiks class.

It is obvious that her high-energy, nutritional background and love of cooking allow her to present a completely different way of looking at quality, nutritional foods that taste great and are satifying without the high calorie and fat content. Who knew simple could taste so good? Overall, I really enjoyed taking her class…I found it provided a good value for my future shopping and meal planning. I know I’ll be attending future classes!

Barbara Anne Hay, Wine Consultant | Wine Educator | Sommelier


I simply loved Diane’s supermarket tour! Diane taught us how to really read labels, the benefits of buying organic and how to make quick healthy meals. She shared numerous inside tips to help expedite shopping and opened our minds to new ways of healthy cooking. I highly recommend you take this tour – you will not be disappointed!

Gina Caldwell
Better Half Bitter Half

Better Half Bitter Half

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