Perfect Gifts for Cooks

Searching for the perfect gift for the cooking enthusiasts on your list? I’ve got you covered! Spread holiday cheer by giving these high quality, thoughtful and useful kitchen items. There is something for everyone in every budget. Here are the best holiday gifts for the cooks in your life. That’s a wrap 🙂

3-piece Knife Set: Every cook should have a good set of knives in their kitchen but which ones do you choose? All you need is an 8″ chef’s knife, a paring knife and a long serrated knife. I’ve done the research and found top of the line knives at a reasonable price!








Dough/Bench Scraper: This is a multi-purpose tool that I cannot live without! It can be used to chop, lift and turn as well as scoop and transfer chopped foods directly from the cutting board to the bowl, pan or pot. Use this handy tool to keep counters and cutting boards clean while working and scrape up scraps to be discarded.








Super Solid Turner/Scraper: This stiff turner gives the strength needed for heavy lifting and scraping. It is not designed for delicate foods like crepes, it is for tougher jobs. An indispensable tool that every kitchen should have!








Clam Knife: Clams are often shucked with a paring knife which is super dangerous. This clam knife is designed to do the job safely and easily. The blade is sharp on one edge to cut through the sinews that hold the two shells of the clam together and is blunted at the tip to avoid accidental injury to the hand holding the clam.








Palette Knife/Spreader: This one is small enough for delicate jobs but large enough to spread icing on a sheet cake. It is so versatile and can also be used to spread butter and condiments and level off wet and dry ingredients.








Shrimp Deveiner: This unique walnut handled tool shells and deveins shrimp in one stroke. The 3-inch curved blade follows the contours of the shrimp while the teeth on the bottom edge grab the vein. To use, simply push the blade through the shell, and pull up. Flip the blade over to butterfly shrimp.








Oyster Knife: Oysters can be very expensive when buying on the half shell. Save yourself some serious money by purchasing whole oysters and shucking them at home. It is fun and delicious 🙂  








Cheese/Watermelon Knife: Looks like a machete and works like a dream! This knife can slice whole watermelons or blocks of cheese quickly and effortlessly. It is so unique!








Magnetic Glass Identifier Charms: These magnetic charms fit on ANY glass. It does not have to be a stem glass. Toast to fun with these adorable glass markers.




















Artisan Cutting and Serving Boards: Bring a rustic touch of Mother Nature into your kitchen with these one of a kind, beautiful boards that were hand-crafted from a chosen piece of solid wood. In addition to slicing and dicing, use these portable, multipurpose, all-natural boards to display hors d’oeuvres, fish, cheese, charcuterie, breads, desserts and more. Keep them on the counter and they become a conversation piece!

artisan black-walnut cutting-serving board; Diane Henderiks