This is the perfect gift for the seafood lover in your life!!

This knife brings back some of the best memories of my childhood. My sisters and I grew up “going clamming” with our dad and returning home to shuck them in the back yard. We still get together on the deck and shuck away! Clams are often shucked with a paring knife which is a super dangerous. This clam knife is designed to do the job safely and easily. The blade is sharp on one edge to cut through the sinews that hold the two shells of the clam together and is blunted at the tip to avoid accidental injury to the hand holding the clam. The walnut handle is beautiful and slip resistant.

This unique walnut handled tool shells and deveins shrimp in one stroke. The 3-inch curved blade follows the contours of the shrimp while the teeth on the bottom edge grab the vein. To use, simply push the blade through the shell, and pull up. Flip the blade over to butterfly shrimp.