Secret Ways to Cut Thanksgiving Calories

No doubt, your Thanksgiving table will be filled with full-fat, full-flavor deliciousness. Which is fun on the day, but tough on your waistline.

But there are sneaky adjustments you can make to your favorite holiday recipes that will save you calories without sacrificing flavor.

Diane Henderiks, known as “the Dietitian in the Kitchen,” shared low-fat options on “The Early Show Saturday Edition” that could save you more than 1,000 calories from the feast – pretty good, considering that a typical Thanksgiving dinner has more than 2,000!

Diane’s secrets:

Pumpkin Pie: Whole wheat pie crust for regular, evaporated skim milk and low fat cream cheese for half & half, egg whites for whole eggs, True Lemon for salt, no butter

Mashed Sweet Potatoes: No butter, less brown sugar, buttermilk for cream, lots of spices

Creamed Spinach: Evaporated skim milk and flour for cream, no butter, water chestnuts for flavor and texture

Green Bean Casserole: Homemade crispy onions for the store bought fried ones, low fat cream of mushroom soup for full fat version (I would normally use the cream of mushroom soup from my cookbook but time was short), 1 percent milk for half and half, no butter

Sausage and apple stuffing: Turkey sausage for pork sausage, no butter, lite (40cal per slice) whole wheat bread for white bread, lowfat milk and low sodium chicken broth for half and half, egg whites for egg yolk.

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