10 Tips for Starting Spring Seedlings

Woke up, got out of bed, slid the door open to let the dogs out and was welcomed by unusually warm air and beaming sun rays. At that moment I experienced the vibe changing Aha! Mother Nature moment of an early Spring. My mind’s eye saw sunny days, gloveless morning walks, breakfast on the beach and sundresses instead of sweaters. Time to wake the greenhouse aka my #sheshed #happyplace #womancave!

It’s too early to plant outdoors but just about time to start planting the seeds of your edible bounty indoors. Gardening packs a self- help, one-two, yin and yang punch…mood booster and chill pill! Connecting with the earth inspires feelings of thankfulness, inspiration, appreciation, self reflection and calmness. There is something special about getting your hands in the dirt…remember mud pies? Don’t wait until the last frost to plant outside…start the seeds inside today and reap the health and wellness benefits of growing food you and your family eat.

Here are 10 simple tips to get you started with indoor seed planting

1. Scout the space: Find a bright spot in your house with as much direct sunlight as possible.​ As long as there is sunlight and the seeds are wet they will germinate.​

2. Pick your pots: Can be any size just be sure there are drainage holes in the bottom. Place a pan under the pots to catch the water.​ Ice cube trays work great so when its transplanting time you don’t tear everything apart and you can have 12 -16 veggies and herbs going at the same time!​

3. Stir up the soil: I use a mix of top soil with vermiculite and an organic fertilizer. ​If you can find Coco Coir pellets at your local lawn and garden place use them because they are so easy​.

4. Select your seeds: Choose seeds of your favorite herbs, veggies and fruits and plant according to package direction making sure to follow spacing directions.​

5. Work with the weather: Check seed packages for timing of number of weeks between planting ​the seeds​ and transplanting​ your plants​ to your garden.

6. Plan for the planting: Set aside a little time each day to enjoy preparing your outdoor garden area for transplanting.​ Make sure you find a spot that gets full sun at least 6 hrs a day. Make sure your spot has enough depth to plant. Doesn’t matter if its an old work boot,  a pot or in the ground, its important to make sure the roots can go deep enough to support the plant.

7. Watch the water: Plants need water just like we do so make sure you have a good source of water nearby. Don’t over water or under water them.

8. Feed and fuel: Make sure the food you use can go into your body and be safe! You wouldn’t just go eat fertilizer would you?

9. Love them like family: Feed them right and take care of them and they will grow to be happy and healthy​.

10. Write down this website: Visit Learn2Grow.com and use it as your gardening resource. Huge thanks to master gardener and CEO, Michael Ferraro for garnishing this blog.

Enjoy and happy almost Spring :)​

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