Sweeten It Up With The Best Tasting Stevia

About half of American consumers say they are planning to eat less sugar or buy more “no-sugar-added” products in 2018, according to Nielsen.*

As a Registered Dietitian and Chef this is music to my ears! Most people consume more sugar than they realize. Added sugar brings with it empty calories, zero nutrients and can take the place of healthier foods in our diets. Consuming too much sugar can pack on the pounds and lead to obesity which can lead to multiple health risks.

The key for consumers to successfully cut back on sugar intake without sacrificing great taste is to use natural, low-sugar and low-calorie (no-calorie is even better) options. It may seem like a tall order but there is a solution…SPLENDA® Naturals**!

Of all the stevia products on the market that I have tried, SPLENDA® Naturals is the best tasting one. Unlike other sweeteners, this product is made from an extract of the stevia leaf, known as Rebaudioside D. Reb D has one of the best sweetness profiles, doesn’t tingle the tongue or leave that bitter aftertaste like most stevia products. Added bonus, it is 100% natural with nothing artificial, no GMO ingredients and no added color or flavors.

When creating recipes that require sugar, many times I reach for SPLENDA® Naturals to provide sweetness without the extra sugar and calories. Recommending it to my friends, family and clients is something I feel good about and can stand behind.

I am thrilled to have developed delicious beverage recipes using SPLENDA® Naturals and will be sharing them in demonstrations at the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago this weekend – May 19, 20 and 22 in the Foodamental Studio. Beverages come in all variations and creativity is key whether you are hosting a dinner party or work in a restaurant. My first session on Saturday, May 19 will focus on non-alcoholic mocktails, a growing trend for consumers and restaurants. The following day, I’ll teach participants how to make smoothies using seasonal ingredients and stevia for added sweetness. On Tuesday, May 22, I’ll be giving an overview on craft beverages where I’ll talk more about ways foodservice operators can add creative flair and natural, reduced sugar options to their menu. I’m excited to share my knowledge, but more importantly my recipes!

The recipes I created for this partnership can easily be whipped up at home or woven into any restaurant menu to help increase sales and customer satisfaction for guests who want both natural options and to reduce sugar without sacrificing flavor. Here’s a sneak peek at a mocktail and smoothie recipe that will be featured this weekend during my demonstrations in Chicago:


I love the idea of mocktails for those who would rather not or can’t imbibe. They offer the pleasure of a cocktail-style beverage without the alcohol. This Strawberry Mockarita is pretty, delicious, simple to prepare, all natural and low in sugar. Throw in a nice tequila and it serves double duty as a Strawberry Margarita. Cheers!


Smoothies are a quick, portable and flavorful way to satisfy hunger healthfully. This Aloha smoothie is full of fresh fruit, protein and packed with nutrients. The combination of mango, banana, coconut and pineapple will take your mind to an island paradise. Aloha!

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*Nielsen is a global measurement and data analytics company that provides the most complete and trusted view available of consumers and markets worldwide.

**This post was sponsored by SPLENDA® Brand as part of an ongoing partnership. I only work with brands and organizations that I believe in and as always all opinions are my own.